The implementation of an ISO based Management System (QMS) can be time consuming and challenging for someone who has not had experience in this process. It involves all processes in the organisation which affect the quality of the service or products provided by the company. It is therefore necessary to have very good understanding of the principles and clauses of the relevant ISO standard to ensure that the QMS implemented is effective, suitable to the needs of the organisation and conforms to the requirements of the ISO standard.

EQS aims to simplify the process by using the combined experience of our consultants to develop quality management systems which are effective, value-adding, user friendly and comply with the requirements of the ISO standard.

EQS takes pride in its performance as it has, to date, never had a client fail any of their certification audits on a system implemented by EQS.

The time period required for the implementation process depends on several factors such as the size of the organisation, number of departments, processes and range of products and services. Projects are managed according to project plans to ensure that timeframes and budgets are adhered to.

The implementation includes the creation of documentation required for the QMS, awareness training in the organisation, consultation in areas where changes may be required for conform to ISO requirements and assessment audits to determine the effectiveness of the MS once implementation is complete.

In the current conditions of restricted travel to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus we can still continue to offer our consulting services. Our consulting service can to a large degree be performed remotely/off site using technology platforms between your organisation and the EQS consultant.

We have during the Covid 19 lockdown period even assisted some customs to successfully complete their certification audits which were done remotely.