Activ is a straigforward solution for anyone who wants to manage their ISO certification more effectively, keep track of legislation changes or share information across their organisation.

Intuitive, easy to use system

Wide range of functionality, easilty adapted to any organisation

All your management system information in one place

Quick to set up and ready to use in a few hours

Always accessible, secure cloud-based software

Value for money, no long- term commitment and no hidden costs


Demonstrate Compliance

Auditor-friendly systems shows you’re in control

Identify Improvements

Improvement Log captures opportunities and assigns responsibilities

Monitor Implementation

Automatic reminders keep tasks moving

Control Your Processes

Documenting the way you work promotes consistency

Assigns Actions

Task managers keep the whole team on track

Save money, time and energy


    Each Activ system comprises a number of individualmodules Working seamlessly togetherthese modules give you the power to control, comply and improve. Choose one of our set packages or let us a tailor a solution for your specific needs.

    ISOCertification Manager

    Provides you with a set of document and process templates with which you build your ISO compliant management system.Helps you work your waY through the documents with a step-by-step set of tasks contained within a simple project management plan and aligned to your target completion date.


    Maximise efficiency with clearly mapped and consistently implemented processes. Say what you do, and show the auditor you do what you say. Be compliant with the requirements of ISO9001:2015

    File Manager

    Solve the familiar problem of enabling users to locate the documents they need whilst controlling access to sensitive information. Automatically create audit trails of change history and stamp document footers with version control information

    Improvement Log

    Maintain information about customer complaints, corrective actions and improvement opportunities all in one place systematically define problems and identify root causes assign actions. track progress and confirm that solutions have worked

    Business Risk Manager

    Conduct a high level business risk assessment in a simple, structured way. Record risks, opportunities and the associated controls, prioritise them and manage follow-up actions. Comply with the Annex SL requirements of all new ISO standards


    For large organisations, separate information into teams so users only see information relevant to them. Where you have separate ISO certifications or distinctly different operations, create multiple systems that a senior team can oversee and use to monitor performance.

    Audit Manager

    Optimise your internal audit process. Ensure consistency with clear forms including auditor guidance and evidence-capture features. Monitor completions, track follow-up actions and use analysis reports to implement a risk-based audit programme.

    Incident Log

    Systematically record the critical details of all incidents Collect witness statements, photographs and compile comprehensive investigation reports. Automatically create performance reports including industry standard accident and incident frequency rates.

    Customer and Supplier Manager

    Create a comprehensive database of customers and approved suppliers.Issue web-based feedback forms to customers IS and vendor approval forms to suppliers. Schedule, assign and track follow-up communications. Automatically create reports of customer feedback and supplier performance.

    HR Manager

    Have a go-to place for all of your employee records. Track employee competencies and schedule training. Create appraisal templates and record manager and employee inputs. Provide a central portal for booking holidays. monitoring absence rates and storing employee documents Give your employees access to their records and stay compliant with HR Employment Law.

    Asset Manager

    Construct a register of all of your assets. Create maintenance schedules and work plans for engineers. Provide access to risk assessments, equipment manuals. task instructions and permit requirements. Keep track of costs and manage stock and inventory.


    Uncomplicated reports  that pinpoint areas requiring more focus

    Easy to follow workflow forms that ensure consistent data capture

    Clear workflow action trackers that help prioritise work

    Illuminating graphs that provide insight into data and help communicate performance

    Robust workflow access controls to facilitate segregation of information